Samsung Blast Phone SGH-T729


The Samsung Blast SGH-T729 is a smooth slide phone with a very high networking capability that has multiple messaging options for you to stay in touch with email, instant messaging and text messaging.

Phone Design:

As for the design, the Samsung Blast seem strike some new style ground. It is thin, to be exact, It measures 4.16 x 2.04 x 0.5 inches and weighs 2.8 ounces. It is also feel comfortable in the hand and it slide quite easily into a pocket because it is a slider phone that wont cradle your head like other flip phone.

The Samsung بازی انفجار supports 262k colors displays and features 176 by 220 pixel resolution. It show colors and graphics well and it was an ideal viewfinders for the camera features.

The Keypad:

To find the keypad, just slide the front covers upward and there is your keypad. Although you can open and close your phone with one hands, it wasn’t so loose either that it opened accidentally. The slider mechanism was well-constructed.

Using the integrated SureType keypad and software systems, misdials were rare because the keypad is relative larges and brightly backlit.

Phone Features:

The Samsung Blast might look like High-End cellphone but it isn’t really can compare to other high-end cellphone such as Verizon’s LG enV.

It has all the basic features you will need in your daily life such as alarm clock, a calendar, a clock, a task list, a notepad, calculator, outgoing and incoming call list, and more.

The Phone Book can stored up to 1000 contacts with a room and the additional SIM card can stored up to 250 contacts.

It also offered a MP3 players for listening music and Few Game such as Forgotten Warriors, Midnight Casino, and Cannonball to relieve your life when you are bored.

Messaging Features:

As you can see, the Samsung Blast is strongly focus on the messaging options. You can find a text and multimedia messaging , Emails, instant messaging for AOL, ICQ, Window Live and more.

When come to type on the Samsung Blast, the SureType technology will automatically change the letters on the screens and list all the suggested words below the text…and it somewhat help you to compose your communications quickly.

Camera Features:

The Blast’s 1.3 megapixel camera takes picture in different seven resolutions from 1280×1024 down to 17×144. while the camcorder take the clips in two resolutions from 176×144 and 128×96 with a set of editing options.

Further, the SXGA (1280 by 1024 pixel) camera features 4x digital zoom, various photo effects and including matrix, self, and multi shot features.


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